Just like that, the weight drops again

I wrote last week about my struggles with weight gain during my active duty time for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts as a member of the National Guard. While I didn’t eat a lot of non-Paleo food, I did eat a lot of food, and it caused me to gain weight. I also discussed what it would take to lose that weight, and the mental hardness I would need to get it done. Well, I’m happy to report that things are working out in regards to my weight exactly as I had expected.

The weight is coming back off. Yesterday, I weighed in at 165.5. Lbs. That’s within my happy range.

The lesson here for anyone trying to lose weight is that I have been dropping the pounds through diet alone. I haven’t been able to run for over a week due to a knee injury, and my weight loss has been 100% due to my diet. What’s more noteworthy, however, is that in the past week, I’ve had alcohol three times and even some bread pudding on Saturday night. As someone who is typically very strict with their diet, this past week has seen me imbibe things I would normally only allow over a period of months, not days. Yet the weight is coming off. How?

When I am eating my meals, I stick to portion sizes that allow me to feel satisfied, but not stuffed. I also stick to foods that are Paleo: no added sugar, no grains, no beans, no soy, and no dairy. This is what my body likes, and when I eat right, my body responds quickly.

It’s nice to step on the scale and have it smile back at you with a weight within the range you are happy with. Well, okay, I’d like it to read 3-5 lbs less, but that’s easy enough to do. I expect to be there within the next week or two. And that brings me to my next point: it doesn’t matter if I hit my goal in a week, two weeks, or a month. I will get there. Fortunately, I get to eat delicious food until I’m satisfied at every meal, so I never feel like I’m suffering to lose weight.

We all have fluctuations in our weight. Sometimes we know why the weight goes up, while other times, it makes no sense. It’s a natural cycle, and as long as we’re managing it and looking for clues as to why the weight does what it does, we can learn to control it and find a healthy balance.

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