Focus: The Recipe for Success

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, if it’s something worthwhile, it’s likely going to take some sacrifice and perseverance. When we’re talking sacrifice, it’s giving up something you enjoyed, liked, or preferred. Think back to school and the choices you made regarding studying versus going out with friends. Maybe it was work-related, and you stayed in to get a good night’s rest before an important early morning meeting versus staying up late to watch some drama or TV show. Either way, you made the decision to give up something and focus more on the big picture and what is more important.

Along the way, you may have found that you preferred the feeling of being overly prepared for that exam, or that the full night’s rest was worth more than the time viewing any TV shows. This is much how I feel about Paleo food now that my wife and I have made the transition. I have found that by focusing on the foods I can eat and in finding new Paleo recipes or restaurants brings me more joy than eating pizzas, hot dogs, and pasta. Sure, those things are delicious, and in the very rare occasions I allow myself to imbibe those foods, I find that they’re still as enjoyable and delicious as they ever were. However, I have also found that broccoli and Brussels sprouts are amazing when prepared properly, and now, I even prefer them to many other vegetables. Asparagus? Don’t even get me started on how much I regret not eating more asparagus earlier in life!

Focus on the foods you can eat, and put the foods you can’t eat out of your mind. Focus on recipes that look delicious, and prepare them. There are many Paleo friendly recipes out there that are very delicious and many of them aren’t that difficult to prepare. By focusing on the new foods and the increasing options for Paleo-friendly foods, you will soon find you are no longer craving the non-Paleo foods, and afterward will find a new appreciation for healthy and delicious foods you never knew existed (or ignored in the past).

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