When the Paleo Diet becomes just eating

I realized today at lunch with a friend that while I’m still a rather strict adherent of the Paleo Diet, for me, it’s just become eating. I don’t make a big point out of it, and even at restaurants, I just search for the dishes that fit into my diet and select those. With few exceptions, it’s easy to do.

My friend is doing Weight Watchers, commented while we were eating that he felt his diet was easier than mine. When I challenged him on it, he said it was because he could also eat bread. I told him that I could too, but I choose not to. I prefer meat and vegetables, and it fills me up. Better yet, I don’t have to keep track of points, and I just eat until I’m full. I also told him, however, that if it’s working for him, to keep doing it. I couldn’t do it; I tried in the past, and it just wasn’t for me. His perception that the Paleo Diet is restrictive is a common one.

I told him that it isn’t nearly as restrictive as he thinks it is, and that even at the restaurant we were eating at, there were many choices for me that were all Paleo-friendly. He was incredulous, so I pointed out the many foods I can eat that are all Paleo. He was a bit surprised when the list of foods I stated was quite long and included many foods he eats regularly.

Are there foods I can’t eat? Certainly. Anything with grains, added sugar, beans, soy, or dairy, although I will allow some dairy into my diet in small amounts from time to time. He said he likes being able to eat those foods every now and then. I told him that there’s nobody holding me to my diet but myself, and that it’s self-imposed. If I eat off-plan, I answer to myself, and fortunately, I’m at a place in my health journey where I can deal with it both physically and emotionally.

At this point in my life, I no longer crave or want pizza, spaghetti, bread, or sweets. Fortunately for me, I’ve made the transition to accepting the Paleo Diet as my normal way of eating, and it makes my life much easier and healthier.

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