Taking a break from running has been hard

I’ve been running since last September, and for over a year, I’ve enjoyed getting out on the road and running my 3+ miles. I had to stop that two weeks ago due to some pain I’ve been having in my left knee. Not in the knee itself, but behind the knee. It was weird, and what’s worse is that I didn’t injure it while running. I injured it getting up from a table in a restaurant after a run.

I decided to take a three week break to allow it to heal properly, but it’s felt perfect for the past week, so I’m going to start running on it again after two weeks. I’m looking forward to tomorrow; finally getting out there and running again.

The other troubling injury I’m working against right now is a bit more serious. It’s a tendon in my left elbow. It gets aggravated when I do my push ups. For that reason, I’m going to forego push ups for at least another two weeks, despite my wishes. I love how my arms looked, and I know it helps my core (abs) look great, but I need to let it heal. So, I will run without doing push ups for the first time since I’ve begun running. It’s going to be weird, and just knowing that I’m losing progress/strength in my arms troubles me to no end, but I have to take care of this body; it’s the only one I have.

Sherry has injured herself running in the past, and I always gave her advice to take it easy, take a break, and let it heal. It’s time I take my own advice in this regard and let my arm heal so that I can get back into things in January to prepare for my next APFT. I have to do my 80 push ups. I won’t accept any fewer from myself.

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