The results I wanted: the formula works

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been unable to run due to a knee injury. During those few weeks, I also ate a bit more than normal, and as a result, my weight crept up about 5 lbs. It’s not much, but it’s enough that I noticed it in the way my pants and shirts fit. After starting back up with my running coupled with eating correctly sized portions of strict Paleo food, my weight is already down 3 lbs with just 2 more to go until I’m back in my happy zone.

The thing I love about being so closely aware of my health is knowing the impact diet and exercise has on my health and my weight. When my weight crept up, I knew exactly what to do to get it back down, and just like clockwork, the weight came back off. This is not the first time I’ve done this; after nearly very vacation my wife and I have taken over the past two years, I’ve gained some weight (between 7-10 lbs), and each time, I was able to get ALL of the weight off within a week of returning (and without suffering, too!).

The formula is easy: strict Paleo Diet and some exercise.

What do I mean by strict? Well, first, I eat foods that consist of Paleo ingredients without any cheats or without cutting corners. Second, portion sizes are as recommended; I don’t gorge at meals. Third, I don’t eat desserts. Well, aside from the ONE Paleo cookie I allow myself after dinner, but I calculate that into my portion sizes and I cut those a bit smaller to allow for a cookie. It’s more psychological than anything, but it’s a great cap to a day of healthy eating. It makes me happy to get that tiny bit of chocolate.

The best part? It works. It’s been working every single time.

2 more lbs and I’m back to the ~165 lbs club, and that’s where I feel the healthiest and look the healthiest. I can’t wait to be there again.

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