What keeps me going on Paleo

My primary motivation: to stick around for the lady in the pictures here.

I was recently asked by a friend I reconnected with recently how I was able to stick to Paleo as closely as I have. Without much thought, I was able to give him a few reasons. What surprised me about this is that I knew immediately how and why I kept going on Paleo.

  • I don’t ever want to be fat again. Not because of the social stigma or because I have anything against overweight people, but because of how I felt. I feel so much better now: more energetic, limber, and active. I don’t want to lose that.
  • I have worked too hard to get where I am today. I will not surrender that under any circumstance.
  • It feels normal and regular to me now. There’s nothing weird about the food; it is what it is: delicious, filling, and good for me.
  • I am an example to others. This one isn’t a reason I mentioned, but it’s something that means a lot to me. I’m an NCO in the Army National Guard, and among people who want to lose weight and get healthy, they look to me as an example. My troops in the National Guard deserve a leader who is healthy, fit, and continues to exemplify a healthy lifestyle by leading by example. My readers deserve a person who walks the walk, not just talks the talk. I’m tired of seeing physically unfit people tell me how to get fit, or overweight people trying to sell me their diet plans. I could never be one of those people.
  • Finally, this is actually my primary reason: I want to live as long as I can to molest and annoy my wife for as long as possible. This is a joke we have, but it’s one of the reasons I gave her for wanting to do a Whole30 and then transition to Paleo. I felt that I wouldn’t live long without the change in our lifestyle.

We all have our reasons, and these are mine. Think about what caused you to look up Whole30 or Paleo, or what led you to this blog post. Keep that in your heart as you move forward in your journey. Remember that it’s not about the destination, but the journey. Make that journey the best possible by staying healthy and fit.

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