There is no justification that makes being overweight acceptable

I get it. Self esteem is a tricky thing. Most people lack it in large amounts, while some have none. Oftentimes, it is related to a person’s self image, and when they are overweight in a society that is increasingly overweight yet worships being thin, it’s easy for self esteem to fall. The solution isn’t to make being overweight okay, though, because it’s not. Being overweight is a problem. It’s not a natural state for us to be in.

This gets me in trouble, and people think I’m being insensitive or outright mean. What I’m being is honest. The human body isn’t designed to be fat. We are able to carry fat as a survival mechanism, but if you live in a first-world country in 2017, there’s no excuse to be fat. Eating with abandon and eschewing exercise is the cause of our obesity epidemic. Coupled with nauseatingly bad nutrition advice from our government and medical industries have done nothing but exacerbated the issue.

Now, you have people posting on Facebook self affirmations from overweight models talking about how they had to accept themselves, to say daily affirmations in the morning telling themselves they had worth, etc all because they are overweight in a society that values being thin. The takeaway shouldn’t be that people who are not thin are made to feel bad. They definitely shouldn’t feel good about being overweight. They should be concerned and should want to fix that, because that makes you healthy. The myth of the healthy overweight person is just that; a myth. Don’t believe me? Talk to your doctor.

But I digress. Some people just don’t care about their health enough to do anything about it. We are a culture of ease, and losing weight and getting healthy takes discipline, motivation, self-control, and perseverance. In short, it takes effort. The majority of us in our culture refuse to life a finger or, more aptly, refuse to put down the fork to lose weight. They accept their being overweight as inevitable. I know, because for a long time, that was me.

If you’re lucky,  you get to a point where you say, “NO MORE” and change your lifestyle permanently. If  you’re lucky, you make this realization before a doctor tells you that you must do so or face a certain, early demise. If you’re lucky, you have the time to make the change before your body gives out. If you’re lucky, your body can withstand years of abuse through increased blood sugar, increased cholesterol, and fatty liver. How many of you have won the lottery?

I don’t judge people for being overweight. I don’t look down on anyone for being overweight. I know personally how easy it is to find ones self as an overweight person. I know how it feels to resign ones self to an early grave because of the mistaken belief that it takes a lot of exercise and starvation to lose weight. I know that’s why so many people are overweight; they don’t know you can lose weight by just eating different foods and NOT through starving. Heck, I lost my first 110 lbs without a single step of exercise!

Being overweight is not normal. It’s not good for us. It’s something that’s in our control, and we can change (unless you’re one of the ~.1% of the population with thyroid issues). The good news here is that it’s not nearly as hard as you think it is! There’s Whole30, Paleo, Keto, and others that are free, science-based, and efficacious. Stay away from the pills, powders, patches, and products that promise weight loss. All they deliver on is profits to the proprietors and disappointment to the dieter.

It’s not okay to be overweight. It will kill you. Do something about it while you can.

One thought on “There is no justification that makes being overweight acceptable

  1. I am still trying to figure out why people are not taking action. why do fat ppl despite being miserable in their own words to hate taking the first few steps. Yeah it is tough but if you love yourself enough you will do whatever it takes and not what is convenient.


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