The Persistence of Bad Nutritional Information

It’s as if bad nutritional information is covered in impenetrable armor. No matter what ammunition I believe that I have to get through to people, often, it turns out to be ineffective. There are many reasons for this.

First, the bad nutritional information has been not only available for decades, but it’s been touted by the education system, the government, and even the media. People truly believe that low-fat is good for them, that whole grains are good for them, and that orange juice is a healthy alternative to sodas and the best drink to have in the morning.

Second, anytime information or studies come out that counters the status quo, it is quickly discounted and discredited. There is a lot to lose by the companies that have been paying the lobbyists to keep pushing grain subsidies and an education system that pushes grains as healthy.

Third, people hate being wrong. They hate finding out that what they have believed their entire lives turns out to be untrue. The more evidence you show them about how wrong they are, they entrench themselves further. It’s hard to find out a firmly-held belief or truth you’ve held dear turns out to be based on lies and bad science. For some, it’s too much.

Fourth, the diet industry has no reason to really want people to lose weight. Why would drug dealers want their customers to go to rehab? The diet industry is all about making money, and if people become successful at losing weight, there will be fewer people to buy the diet products. As the industry is a growing multi-billion dollar industry, there’s no incentive to really get people to lose weight.

Fifth, the medical industry is a for-profit industry that has much to gain from weight-related maladies and their associated diseases. Insurance companies are also for-profit, and they can justify higher premiums for those who meet certain criteria and demographics. They can pick and choose their customers, and even refuse to do business with demographics that would cause them to lose money.

When you add these reasons up, it’s obvious why we have such an obesity epidemic in the U.S., and most of the Western world. All the powers are conspiring against the people all for the sake of a dollar.

Bad information is everywhere as it pertains to nutrition. The incentives to truly find a solution to the obesity epidemic is elusive. It’s difficult to fight the abundance of bad nutritional information out there, but it’s not impossible. Keep reading, keep learning, and keep seeking out the truth as it pertains to nutrition as you should in everything. Together, we can help people and make a dent in the bad information that’s out there and really help people lose weight and get healthy.

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