I want to lose weight without exercise

Good news: it’s possible. Heck, it’s actually easier to do than you may think. Just eat right. Does that mean low calorie, low-fat food? No. Actually, the information we’ve been fed (sorry for the pun) for the past 40 years has been completely wrong. Let me break it down to you simple-like.

  1. Weight loss is 90% diet, 10% exercise. I lost 110 lbs in a year through diet alone. Not being ON a diet, but by CHANGING my diet.
  2. You cannot exercise away bad eating.
  3. Counting calories will leave you hungry and unsatisfied.
  4. Low-fat is actually bad for you. Your body uses fat for all kinds of good things like vascular repair to brain tissue development in children.
  5. Sugar is evil. In nearly every form, sugar is killing us and is the cause of the obesity epidemic that is plaguing the US.

Let me reiterate the most important points: weight loss is 90% diet, and sugar is evil. If you take anything away from this site, it should be those two things.

How do I know that weight loss can be done so easily without exercise? Because I did it.


Will you get abs without exercise? Probably not, but all I do is push ups and run every other day; nothing crazy or excessive. Heck, I don’t spend more than 30 minutes on my runs, and I only do them three times a week (sometimes only twice!).

You can do this without exercise. You just have to eat right, and by eat right, I am saying you need to adopt a lifestyle that is conducive to good health. For me, that is Paleo, but Whole30 got me there, and Keto is a viable option, too (albeit much more difficult to maintain properly).

You CAN lose weight without exercise. I did it. You can do it too. Just change your eating habits.

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