What is one thing about my journey I wish more people understood?

I was asked this question today, and it really made me think. Usually, I get questions that are pretty easy to answer, but this one was pretty deep. I thought about it for a while, and I think that if I were to answer honestly, I really wish more people knew that the weight loss I experienced is possible for anyone with perseverance.

When I tell people I lost 150 lbs, they act as if I performed some sort of miracle, or that the results I had are not typical. Well, they can be. The problem is that people aren’t willing to sacrifice or feel discomfort. I’m not talking about the discomfort of exercise or post-exercise, and I’m not talking about sacrifice meaning starvation. The discomfort and sacrifice is in saying goodbye to foods that are bad for us, and substituting them with safer, healthier alternatives. The discomfort is in having to turn-over your life to learn a new paradigm in eating, health, and yes, fitness.

None of this is impossible. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty simple, really. But it does take effort, it does take motivation, discipline, and yes, it takes perseverance and some sacrifice. I have said goodbye to some of my favorite foods: pizza, breads, and croissants. There are Paleo alternatives for pizza that are okay, some Paleo bread that is actually pretty darned tasty and amazing, but there’s no substitute for croissants. They are dead to me. And it hurts.

I’ve also given up any sweet drinks, for the most part. Unless I’m imbibing spirits in a social setting, my drinks never contain any sweetener. And that stinks, because I used to really like my sugar with coffee and cream! I also used to really enjoy iced tea with sweetener (preferred the pink or blue packets; the yellow never tasted quite right to me). But, giving up these bad foods and drinks has been totally worth it for me, and honestly, I’ve not looked back. Getting rid of them from my life has become easier and easier with time.

Anyone can do what I’ve done. It’s not impossible. It’s not too hard. It’s not atypical. It just requires getting out of your comfort zone and doing it.

2 thoughts on “What is one thing about my journey I wish more people understood?

  1. Wow, first of all please allow me congratulate you on your weight loss and your journey. As we all have struggles I have to ask, did you give up coffee completely? Thank you for sharing your story.

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