Post-Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a lot of fun, but it involved a lot of something I don’t do very often: drinking alcohol. I always get bloated and retain a lot of water after drinking, and along with the empty calories from sugar, I avoid drinking most of the time. This past weekend, I caught up with some of my National Guard buddies, and we also had our St. Barbara’s Ball. Both of these involved imbibing some impressive amounts of alcohol. I didn’t weigh myself on Sunday, but I did this morning, and what I found was what I expected; holding on to more weight than I’m comfortable with. A lot more.

So, like I always say, it’s back to the wagon. Back to strict portion sizes and only Paleo foods. Also, back to my running more often than once or twice a week like I’ve done for the past three weeks. The good news is that I know what to expect; a few days of holding on to the weight followed by a steady weight loss.

It’s okay to have some alcohol every now and then. It’s okay to even eat the cheesecake dessert (I sure did!). But I also know not to make it a habit, and I’m going to get right back to the plan and resume my normal Paleo diet.

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