Coffee, Tea, and Me

I have been asked a few times about drinking coffee and/or tea because these things are not Whole30 compliant. This is true. When I did my first Whole30, I cut out the coffee, but as soon as we were done and decided on adopting the Paleo Diet, I reintroduced coffee and tea with good success.

There are many studies that show the efficacy of coffee and tea to reduce the risk of digestive tract cancer, as well as caffeine being something that can help get through minor cravings as well as perk you up when you’re tired. I personally enjoy both coffee and tea for the flavor and find the caffeine is a fringe benefit. I can go without drinking coffee and not suffer ill-effects, so I’m guessing I’m not very addicted to the caffeine.

Personally, I can’t just drink water all the time. I need SOMETHING to flavor my water. I refuse to use any sugar or artificial sweeteners, and I will not drink fruit juices. So, that leaves me tea and coffee.

Yes. I drink them straight and without anything else in them. Not even butter or coconut oil.

It took some time to get used to.

I could drink bone broth, but I haven’t gone down that path yet. I will try it this week and see how it goes, and I’ll report back after I have had it a few times. I have, on occasion, tried bone broth and really liked it, but I like the ultra-low calorie impact of coffee and tea and I’m not convinced that bone broth would be the same.

So, if the lack of coffee or tea is getting in the way of you doing a Whole30 or going Paleo, don’t let it stop you. It hasn’t stopped me, and I lost 150 lbs on Paleo with coffee and tea.

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