Life Getting In The Way

img_8588Sometimes, there is a lot to do, and you can’t eat right or even get your runs in. That’s my life right now. The last run I had was the Jingle Bell Run, and it’s bothering me. I couldn’t run Sunday or Monday due to some pain in my shins from running the hills on the 5k, so I planned on running Tuesday. Well, friends came over and interrupted those plans, so then I thought perhaps Wednesday, but oops, there was a company Christmas party I had to attend, so those plans were scrapped as well. As for Thursday, well, I have a standing get-together with friends, so that was out as well, and then there was Friday which was travel day to NYC. I could have gotten up early and run then, I guess, but I didn’t want to risk an injury, regardless of how remote the chances were. I figured I’ll be walking enough in NYC to make up for the lack of running.

As for food and drink, I haven’t been able to really be as perfect as I like to be. There’s been a lot of alcohol, sweets, and non-Paleo foods on my menu; far more than I typically like. I know it’s short-term and temporary, and while there will most definitely be an effect on my weight and even my body composition, it will all get rectified in January. You see, in January, Sherry and I will be starting our fourth Whole30 to get us back on track and reset our bodies.

I can’t believe the following words are flowing from my fingers, but I am looking forward to the Whole30 and getting back to my 5x a week exercise plan. I miss it, and I miss how I feel when I am eating right and getting regular exercise. Right now, I feel puffy and not nearly as energetic as I normally do. Food affects us far more than we give it credit for.

So, sometimes life will get in the way of our eating and fitness, but as long as it’s not long term, it’s okay. I’m enjoying the holidays, visiting with family and friends, and I’ll get back to brass tacks on January 2nd. Why not the 1st? There’ll be leftovers to eat. And maybe a hot cocoa to drink.

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