Whole30 Day 2 Wrap-Up

file-1 (2)Day 2 is complete, and here’s how it went yesterday.

Breakfast: Two eggs sunny-side up and three pieces of bacon. No fruit or veggies. I guess if I had an apple or a pear, it’d be a perfect Whole30 breakfast, but I bloat when I eat fruit, so I tend to eat it in strict moderation. I got used to eating a slice of bread made with almond flour over the holidays, and it was a great addition to my meals, but it’s not Whole30 compliant, so I’m skipping those.

Lunch: Spaghetti squash with Bolognese sauce. Sherry made this on Monday, and they tasted great today! It’s a perfect mix of meat and veggies. I had a handful of nuts to sort of round out the meal a bit.

Dinner: Sherry made an amazing Wienerschnitzel that was covered in ground up pork rinds. Wow, was it delicious (and completely Whole30 compliant, too!). As a side, we had red cabbage. I had a second helping of the cabbage because I love red cabbage! My serving size was still decent; I swear, Sherry didn’t give me enough the first time!

I feel a bit better today. I still need to run, but it’s still really cold out, and since I’m still getting over a cold, I decided to not run yesterday. Perhaps I will run after work tonight if it’s warmer out than my age. It’s weird that I feel bad for not running. I haven’t felt up to running over the past few weeks, but now I feel like I need it.

As for sleep, I got a lot more than the night before: my requisite 7.5 hours. I feel a lot better today; more rested. As a bonus (and the following is NOT Whole30 compliant), I lost 3 lbs to be back under my max weight for the Army. That’s a huge weight lifted off my shoulders (pardon the pun).

I want to add that Whole30 is great. It’s a wonderful program to help people reset their appetite, their palate, and to get to a neutral food intake so that it’s easier to determine what foods affect you and how. It is through Whole30 that I learned that I bloat from fruits with a lot of sugar in them (bananas, in particular) and I bloat from the lactose in milk (much like my wife does). Whole30 also stresses that it’s not primarily about weight loss, although many (but not all) people who do a Whole30 will lose some weight. I was one of those; I lost 20 lbs on my first Whole30. This time, I’m not expecting great weight losses, but I do know my body well after two years of eating clean, and I know that when I’m careful and strict, I can lose weight steadily down to about 165 lbs. That’s what I’m after this time. It’s not my primary goal (resetting my sugar addiction/eating habits is my primary reason for doing a Whole30 this time), but it definitely is a secondary goal.

Also, I follow Whole30 as strictly as I can with regards to food and diet. I skip fruit sometimes, but I always have meat and vegetables and good fats. Sometimes an apple or a pear, or maybe even a tangerine, but not too often. The one Whole30 rule I break is weighing myself. It’s a tool I use in gauging my progress overall that I’m not comfortable leaving behind for 30 days. Besides, as a soldier, it’s something that I’m required to track and know at all times. Since my weight is close to the maximum, I need to ensure I stay within the maximum allowed (which as of this morning, I am).

I’m happy with where I’m at after Day 2, and I’m looking forward to Day 3!

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