Whole30 Day 7 Wrap-Up

This is my exhausted and unshaven face. I need sleep.

What. The. Heck.

I didn’t get nearly enough sleep last night. I need to fix that tonight.

I ate well the entire weekend, and my weight was up a little yesterday and back down a bit this morning. Nothing serious, but again, if I was in Whole30 just to lose weight, I’d be concerned. As it is, I am not. I’m after long-term goals and most of all, I’m wanting to reset my cravings and serving sizes. I’m doing both nicely.

Breakfast: Two eggs sunny-side up and three slices of bacon. No fruit or veggies because I don’t want them.

Lunch: Beef and ham rolls with pickle spear served with mashed cauliflower. This was the last of last week’s prepped lunches. The rest of the week will be new stuff Sherry made yesterday.

Dinner: Moroccan Lamb Roast with mashed cauliflower. This is a new recipe Sherry tried, and I loved it! It’s lamb with a bunch of spices, veggies, and even some dried fruit that sat in a slow cooker all day, and it comes out very tender with a very delicate yet layered flavor profile. I really liked it a lot, and I hope she makes it again in the future!

I took a nap after work which helped a lot, and then I was able to sleep in just a little bit since I had to take my car in for its scheduled maintenance which opens later than I normally get to work. I feel great this morning, and I reached a new post-January 1 lowest weight! (NOTE: It is NOT Whole30 compliant to be weighing yourself during a Whole30).

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