Whole30 Day 12 Wrap-up

My typical breakfast.

I got a lot of sleep last night, and I felt great when I woke up. I had a friend come over to help me build some shelves for Sherry, and it was a busy day full of running up and down stairs, painting, drilling, cutting, and otherwise doing general construction. It turned out to be a good time, though.

Breakfast: Sherry made us two eggs sunny-side up and three slices of bacon. No fruit or veggies on purpose. With coffee.

Lunch: Sherry made us quite the dandy lunch consisting of two apple and chicken sausages, some red cabbage, and some zucchini. It turned out very well, and was delicious and filling.

Dinner: This was a surprise from left-field that was absolutely incredible. She made a chipotle and onion shrimp served with spiralized zucchini. It was probably one of the tastiest meals I’ve had in a long time. My friend, who doesn’t normally like vegetables, raved about how delicious the food was, and he said his wife needs the recipe. The coolest part: Sherry made it up tonight! I hope she will be posting this recipe to her site, soon. It’s worth trying!

I felt good all day. Even though I was running up and down stairs and active for a very long time, I felt really good. I got to bed very late due to playing video games, but Sherry let me sleep in, and I got enough rest.

5 thoughts on “Whole30 Day 12 Wrap-up

  1. Hi, would you possibly consider showing us pictures of your other portions at meals? I am still confused about it bc W30 says you can eat unlimited vegetables, but then again, I’m not shedding weight, darn it. It would help so much to see what you’re limiting yourself to with the success you’re experiencing—even though I recognize everyone is different.

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  2. May I also have the link to your wife’s blog or website? That shrimp recipe sounded fabulous. Thank you for both the link and the portion pointers.

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