Whole30 Day 14 Wrap-Up

OK. So, day 14 is weird. It’s not really following any rules. You see, I woke up very late, and decided to go right into lunch instead of eating a super-late breakfast and then eating a lunch four hours later and then dinner three hours after that with my wife. So, I ended up doing a bit of a fast and then eating one of the prepared lunches Sherry preps for us as my first meal of the day. As for my weight, it was right at my lowest again. This makes me very, very happy, indeed!

Breakfast: Skipped due to sleeping in

Lunch: I had the amazing Moroccan Lamb dish Sherry made last week. The side with it was mashed garlic cauliflower. I had a coffee with it, and I felt completely filled up afterward. This is a super-delicious recipe that you should all try! (Darn it! I forgot to take a picture of it before I ate it all!)

My dinner: Spaghetti Squash Bolognese.

Dinner: About seven hours after my lunch, I had my final meal of the day which was the spaghetti squash with bolognese sauce. This time I did get a photo of my dinner. I could have re-plated it, but I typically don’t because it just makes another dish dirty.

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