Whole30 Day 26 Wrap-Up

I got a decent amount of sleep but that meant I woke up a little later than usual. For this reason, while I had the same breakfast, it was reduced in portion. I didn’t realize that this would be a mistake.

This is my stock Pork, Apple, and Egg Casserole photo. My portion was about 2/3 of this.

Breakfast: Pork, apple, and egg casserole, but a little smaller than usual. The thinking was that we’d be eating lunch at normal time, so I could get back “On schedule” with Sherry.

Lunch: Lunch happened about three hours later than planned which meant I was very hungry. I split a Larabar with Sherry at around noon, and we ate our late lunch at around 3 pm. I started with a side salad with oil and vinegar and then I ate a filet of Red Snapper with lump crab on top which was served with asparagus. It was delicious, but not very filling. I don’t know if it was because I had waited so long to eat, but I was still hungry. After lunch, we went and had some coffee at which time Sherry and I both split another Larabar.

This is my stock Cashew photo. I did not eat this much!

Dinner: This is where I gets really weird. We decided not to eat a regular dinner since our lunch was so late in the day, so Sherry and I had some cashews. I had about 6 oz of lightly salted cashews that I ate while drinking some coffee. It filled me up and allowed me to go the rest of the day without eating or without being hungry.

This was a very weird day of eating, and this is not recommended as it is not Whole30. It was a weird day that, while I ate all Whole30 compliant meals, it wasn’t standard by any stretch of the imagination. I will be back on a normal meal schedule tomorrow, I hope!

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