Whole30 Day 30 Wrap-Up

Here it is. The final day of our Whole30. I hoped to have a lot more weight loss than I did, but I can’t say I’m unhappy: the 10 lbs lost in the first two weeks were the only weight loss I experienced. That’s okay; my clothes all fit better. I’ll take that anyday. I will work on my weight somehow.

Otherwise, I feel great. Lots of energy, good sleep, and I got over the flu in three days versus the week everyone else is taking to get over it. I’ll take that as a win!

My final Whole30 meals were:


Breakfast: No surprises here: the pork, apple, and egg casserole. No fruit or veggies because I forgot. Seriously, this morning I intended to have a few pieces of cantaloupe, but I forgot.


Lunch: A wonderfully tasty Tikka Masala that Sherry made in the Instantpot. It was yummy!!!


Dinner: I’ve mentioned before how much I love Sherry’s Chorizo and Bacon-wrapped Meatloaf? Well, that’s what I decided to wrap this Whole30 up with. It was very filling, delicious, and satisfying.

4 thoughts on “Whole30 Day 30 Wrap-Up

    1. To a small degree, yes. We will go back to Paleo, which is very similar. The first reintroduction will be a Paleo chocolate chip cookie tonight after dinner. Lol. To celebrate completing our latest Whike30.

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