Going Down the Keto Path


So, for whatever known reasons, my weight has crept back up. While I feel great and my clothes fit well, my weight is up; enough to have me worried about any official weigh-ins with the National Guard. While my body fat percentage is very low and I can easily pass the “Tape” test, I would prefer to just weigh less than the maximum allowable weight for my height. So, I’m having to go through some extraordinary efforts to drop 10-15 lbs.

I know that there are a few factors that have led to my weight gain:

  1. No running for two weeks due to the flu. This will change this week as I hope to be able to run as early as Tuesday this week.
  2. Drinking A LOT of alcohol on Saturday. Like, so much alcohol.
  3. Eating A LOT of carbs on Saturday night. Sushi was tasty, but not so good for my weight.
  4. I ate too much at our Super Bowl party. It was all Paleo, but I ate WAY TOO MUCH.

So, you’re probably thinking, “Just eat less, run more, and the weight will come off naturally,” and your thinking is correct. The problem is that I don’t have a lot of time for this: I have two weeks to lose the weight. So, Keto it is. This won’t be my first experience with Keto, but I’m hoping it’s my best.

I bought some exogenous ketones in the form of Perfect Keto Chocolate Sea Salt supplement that I will use in my coffee. This will help with getting into ketosis quickly and will help my body adapt to using fat instead of glucose as energy. It will also reduce the effects of “Keto Flu” and will help with energy levels as my body transitions into ketosis.

Paleo is great for eating healthy, staying healthy, and for me, it helped me lose 150 lbs. Now, I find myself needing to do something a little more drastic than Whole30 to get my weight back to where I need it to be. This isn’t something I just want to do for vanity’s sake; it’s literally a requirement of my current military service.

Fortunately, Keto and Paleo are very similar except I will be dramatically limiting my carb intake and I can eat more fatty foods to include cheeses (lactose free for me, though). I will have to monitor my macro levels closely, and I will begin utilizing keto strips I purchased for my wife a few months ago. I will document my experience with it.

I am not going to be the Keto Marine long-term. I know people who do Keto as a permanent diet, and that’s great for them, but I don’t want to have to track my keto levels and macros that closely. One of the things I love so much about Paleo is that it’s a common-sense diet that is easy to follow. I just let myself have too much of a good thing coupled with the flu, lack of exercise, and one crazy weekend of over-indulging in everything.

So, Keto, here we come! Let’s hope it goes well!

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