Keto Dry Run

IMG_8609Well, we started the Keto diet a few days ago, but I started eating Keto a few days earlier to get ready for it. I started taking some exogenic ketones to help my body get ready, and I felt the positive effects of them early on. I was hoping to be able to transition into ketosis quickly so that I could get as much as I could out of this experiment, and it seemed to have worked quite well; I actually got into mild ketosis on the third day and lost about 4 lbs for the week.

The foods are a bit different, and Sherry and I are having to learn new rules. The biggest change for us: not a lot of fruits, and cheeses are okay. Heck, cheeses play a big part in Keto. This means that there are a whole lot of foods that Sherry and I have been unable to eat that we can now eat again. I’m not sure how this is going to affect my G-I tract, so I’ll be taking things slowly.

Everything from snacks to lunches and dinners need to be re-imagined. Sherry and I have a pizza planned for later this week using a Keto crust made with cheese, cauliflower, and eggs. I’m also making sure I have nuts and Epic bars on-hand in case I need to eat something keto-friendly in the event of a non-keto meal situation (at work, etc).

The biggest part of our work-up toward starting Keto has been the research. Sherry and I have been reading as much as we could to get our heads around the different rules and to ensure we are giving ourselves the greatest chance for success. Like I’ve said in the past, I’m looking to get some good weight loss out of this. Sherry and I haven’t yet decided how long we will be Keto, but I want at least 10-15 lbs out of it. I’m sure she’d be pleased with the same amount.

3 thoughts on “Keto Dry Run

    1. I’m eating three meals a day. Carb count is around 15-20 g total. I’m being very restrictive on carbs to ensure I get solidly into Ketosis, but I’ll loosen up a bit once I get going with maybe an additional 5-10 g total. It’s not much, but fortunately, I find it pretty easy to stay low since I don’t eat fruit and mostly leafy vegetables or very low-carb vegetables.


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