In case I had any doubts…

I am most definitely in Ketosis! Well, at least there are ketones in my urine which is a good indicator that my body is producing them and getting adapted to use ketogens as energy. In another month or so, it will be harder to test via urine for ketones as my body gets more keto adapted, but at least now, not only can I feel it, but I can see it in a tangible test. I saw the lower amounts on Monday, but the test results have been getting darker almost daily. 1.5 is decent. I’m happy with that. If I can get it higher, even better, but for now, I’m losing weight steadily and I’m feeling great.


2 thoughts on “In case I had any doubts…

    1. It’s too soon to tell, but I feel the mental clarity, I’m losing weight again, and I feel energetic. My workouts have been a little harder, it that should change over time as my body adapts. We are still learning the ins and outs of cooking and macros.

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