In Optimal Ketosis

This is an older photo; this morning’s stick was between moderate and large, actually.

So, on a whim last night and again this morning, I checked my Keto level with some ketostix to see where I’m at. It measured at around 4.0 mmol/L. That’s just a tad higher than what’s considered optimal, but that’s because my body hasn’t yet fully adapted to using the ketones in my blood as fuel. It’s burning fat now, but not as efficiently as it can once it gets used to this instead of glucose.

How do I feel? Really good! I sleep better, I feel more energized still, and I feel better able to focus. I don’t forget why I entered a room anymore, and it’s easier for me to complete tasks without getting sidetracked (or forgetting why I started doing something!). No, I wasn’t going senile, but concentration has been a difficult thing for me in the past.

My weight was up a tiny bit this morning, but if I’ve learned anything in the past two and a half years of eating clean is that weight fluctuations of 3-5 lbs is pretty normal due to water retention. I am pretty sure that I didn’t really gain any weight last night.

I have to say that going from a Paleo diet to Keto was pretty easy and painless. I read a lot and heard a lot of the “Keto Flu,” but either because my body was already used to low-carb or because I aided my transition into Keto with exogenous ketones. Either way, I am happy with how quickly my body got into ketosis, and I’m happy with the results in not just my weight, but in how I feel and how my clothes are fitting now.

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