Sacrifice for Health

paleomarinecomimages_6_original_bueenboc3zkI’ve heard people say they would do anything for their kids, their spouse, or their friends, but do they really mean it? One of the most special gifts we can give our loved ones is our time, and spending it with them is special, indeed. We limit our available time when our health is poor, as our lifespans are reduced. Why then do we not consider that improving our health actually benefits not only us, but also our loved ones?

That brings us to sacrifice which is giving up something at a cost to our comfort, safety, or giving up something important to us for the benefit of others. Most people view sacrifice as something to be avoided until the last possible chance. Why sacrifice when there is not much pertinence to it? That’s why so many people don’t start doing something about their health until they’ve been told by a doctor that their life depends on it.

Sacrifice doesn’t have to be something that makes you miserable. Sacrifice can be just giving up something like pizza, bread, pasta, and alcohol. For some, this may seem like a sacrifice at first, but as you get used to it, you realize how silly it was to think that not eating certain foods would affect the quality of one’s life so much. In reality, giving up some of my favorite foods has made my life richer, fuller, and healthier. I am now able to do things I never dreamed of doing when I was 40, let alone now that I’m 50. I sacrificed pizza, pasta, bread, and alcohol for a better life, and possibly a longer and healthier one, too. I call that a fair trade.

Think about your priorities. I mean really think about them. If certain foods and/or alcohol are a priority to you, perhaps there’s a bigger problem you should be looking at. There is no reason to stick to foods that work against your good health and cause you to gain weight, and there’s definitely no reason to rely on alcohol to get you through the day.

I sacrificed, and I am better for it. I sacrificed not only for myself, but for my wife, my kids, my family, and my friends. I sacrificed and in the end, didn’t feel like I really gave up anything of value at all. It’s like a cheat code to life that requires some up-front uncomfort, but it pays off with a richer, fuller, and healthier life.

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