Daily Meals on Keto

IMG_8609In my Keto experiment, my meals have been quite similar to my Paleo meals except with a focus on more fat and fewer carbs. WAY fewer carbs.

Breakfast is pretty similar: two slices of bacon, two eggs sunny-side up, and a slice of a cinnamon keto bread that Sherry made. Coffee with exogenous ketones was added early on to help transition into keto, but I stopped that after a week or so as I no longer needed them.


Lunch: Typically a low-carb meal made by Sherry. Many of these were old Paleo recipes that she adapted by eliminating tomatoes, onions, and/or honey (which was used very rarely, but still). There are many examples of these on her blog.


Dinner: We ate a lot of the normal foods that we typically ate on Paleo: steak, ribs, nitrate and sugar-free sausage, and fish, except we substituted sweet potatoes and onions for things like asparagus and a lot of cauliflower.

I had planned to be more detailed and do things like weigh my food and calculate grams of carbs, but honestly, that’s the side of keto that I’m not enamored with. I like the simplicity of Paleo: eat good and healthy foods made from whole ingredients. Eat them until you are satisfied but not stuffed. It has been working for me for two and a half years, and I feel good with what I accomplished on keto but I am happy to be adopting my keto/Paleo hybrid lifestyle.

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