A Holiday First

file-4This is just a short little entry that marks something significant for me. For the first time in over two and a half years, I didn’t gain weight after a holiday!

Yes, I ate a lot; much more than I should have, or much more than I normally do. How did I avoid the weight gain? Well, I decided I’d try something different. I ate a very small breakfast, and then just ate what was offered during our holiday lunch meal. I felt so full for the rest of the day that not only did I never got hungry, I ended up not having to eat dinner that night.

Something I did to make sure I felt full the rest of the day was I drank coffee or iced tea, and I made sure to engage my brain and do some maintenance around the house and then when I was done with those tasks, I occupied my mind with a video game. The net result was not even a tenth of a pound gain! I’ll take it!

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