Cooking by the Book

Sherry made the bread, bbq sauce, and the pulled pork for these sliders that were out of this world delicious!

Diets, meal plans, and lifestyles. There are many out there, and some have more rules than others. Personally, I’ve followed Whole30 and the Paleo Diet to the letter, and after some time on them, I’ve adapted to the changes I’ve felt and seen in my own body and health to optimize the effects I got out of both. On Keto, I didn’t monitor my macros as closely as most people, yet I was able to maintain moderate ketosis easily and comfortably for over a month.

I took some criticism in the past when I did my last Whole30 because I didn’t eat much fruit as allowed under Whole30. I explained that my body is very sensitive to all sugars including natural ones, and that I had decided that for my own health to limit my sugar intake. The same goes for Paleo. I limit my sugar intake to minimize it as much as possible.

Now, Sherry and I have adopted a combination of Keto/Paleo that seems to be working well for us. Our weight is maintaining at a good place, we feel great, and our health is strong. My workouts are fueled properly and I never feel exhausted or unable to complete my runs. In a nutshell, I am properly fueled for the activities I undertake. And that is, afterall, what food is for. Fuel.

I do recommend starting with any diet, meal plan, or lifestyle by sticking to the rules. Then, after you see how it affects you, make the appropriate adjustments and then take stock of what those adjustments impacted. Wash, rinse, repeat.

We are all different. Our genetics play a large role in how our bodies respond to different foods, and because of that, we have to work within diets and lifestyles to find what works best for each of us. What works great for me may only work marginally for you. Find what works and stick to it and don’t worry about sticking with a diet plan to the letter. Sometimes, you use the cookbook as a guide that leads you to something better.

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