The Secret to My Success

IMG_1894I am asked all the time what is the secret to my success in getting healthy and losing 150 lbs. I tell them that aside from the necessary motivation, dedication, perseverance, support from my wife, and hard work, the biggest secret is food prep. Without it, I would never have had the results I had in the time I achieved them.

I lost 110 lbs in the first year after starting with a Whole30. I then transitioned into the Paleo Diet, and with the help of my wife’s food prep every Sunday ever since, my lunches and most dinners are healthy, properly portioned, and absolutely delicious. Today, for example, I had one of my favorite meals: Chorizo Chipotle Meatloaf. It even has bacon on it! We make a plan every weekend, and we go to the store together to buy ingredients. Then, sometimes I help her with chopping or getting the smoker ready, and other times she pulls the weight and does it all depending on where I am (National Guard drill weekend, for example).

I bring all my lunches to work on Mondays in a big bag and I leave them in a refrigerator in my office that no-one else has access to. It’s a nice luxury to be able to do that; it definitely makes it easier for me to have good lunches when I just have to bring them once a week. I then eat one lunch a day and then my friend Steve and I have lunch together somewhere on Fridays. It’s usually a steak with some asparagus, but lately we’ve been going to a wild game grill that serves some amazing Paleo and Keto friendly meals with meats like elk, ostrich, emu, and wild boar.

I can’t stress enough how important food prep has been to my success. It’s taken away any temptation or difficulties I’d otherwise face when eating lunch during the week and has allowed me to remain 100% Paleo or Keto depending on the diet I’m on at the time. Sure, it takes time and effort, but the results speak for themselves.

4 thoughts on “The Secret to My Success

  1. Awesome picture. Would you mind telling me what size those containers are? Hard to determine looking at the pic. I am stilled messed up with portions. Thank you so much.

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    1. They are what I’d call medium sized, but I’ll find out the exact size when I go home and I’ll update here. Fridays is our “Go out to lunch” days, and I don’t have any of the containers with me here at the office.


  2. Wild boar is some of the best ground breakfast sausage I’ve ever had. Well actually I’d say it’s the best haha. My hubby and I find that when I prep on Sundays or Wednesday’s it makes the following days run so much smoother.

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