This is a marathon, not a sprint

24879879_10210790247221369_295432672312336540_oIt’s in our nature to want to lose weight quickly and with as little effort as possible. There are those who are willing to put in the sweat to lose weight (as if that was possible), and these people quickly become demotivated when they find that weight loss takes time. What’s worse is how many people quit after two or three weeks of hard physical activity when they find they’ve only lost a few lbs.

Weight loss is a marathon sport.

I lost a lot of weight in my first month because I was morbidly obese. I had SO much excess weight, that as a percentage of the whole, my weight loss was actually quite normal. The fact that I was able to maintain a 10 lbs per month weight loss says a lot about how unhealthy I was and how much weight I had to lose before my body reached its happy place.

Stop trying to shortcut the process. The first rule in getting healthy is that there are no shortcuts. The only way to lose weight and improve your health is to change your diet. The only way to get fit is to exercise. Notice the order I put those in, and what activity is required for each:

  • Lose weight and improve health =  diet
  • Fit = exercise

I get it; we want to get rid of the excess weight as quickly as possible. We want it to be painless and without suffering. If we are willing to do physical activity, we want to be rewarded with something to show for all that effort. The problem is, if you’re obese, the reward for all that physical activity is going to be hidden beneath your skin and not visible until you eat right and lose the weight. All you’re doing is building muscle and improving your heart health. You are not sweating away the fat. That’s not how weight loss works.

It will take time to drop the weight. It took time to put it on, and it’s only through careful eating of good foods low in sugar, carbs, and anti-nutrients that will allow your weight to drop and your health to improve.

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