My Time is Important

I hear this a lot from people who tell me that they are too busy to do food prep. The problem is that food prep is one of the most important factors in success when adopting a new lifestyle and being successful when taking on a new diet. It’s how Sherry keeps us on the straight and narrow with the least amount of effort.

Anything worthwhile takes time. Anything of value takes time and effort. Your health, your weight, and your physical well-being are all worthwhile pursuits, and you have to take it seriously, make the effort, and take the time; nobody will do it for you.

You have to make your health a priority, if not THE priority in your life. I know, there are things like spouses, partners, kids, work, family, friends, etc. Those are all priorities that we hold dear to us, and those are the things that make life worth living. But without taking care of your health, you are severely limiting your ability to engage with those priorities in a truly limitless and free way. The amount of physical activity I was able to do when I lost my weight was staggering. I became so engaged with life that was able to become a runner, get physically fit, and even go into the National Guard at age 49.

There’s also the fact that you are likely going to live longer if you are not obese and if your heart is healthy. The best way to make that happen is eat right and get some exercise. But they have to be a priority.

My time is important to me, just as yours is to you. But I have made my health a priority, and I schedule life around my runs, my weekends around food prep with Sherry, and my meals to make sure they are adhering to the rules we’ve set for our diet. Without making these a priority, I never would have been able to make the changes necessary to become the healthier, lighter, and more fit person I am today.

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