Eating Prepped Food vs Restaurant Food


My wife and I have been eating solely home-prepped foods for the past week, and we both noticed that we’re losing weight again. It’s not that the food we eat in restaurants is bad for us; we always eat Keto or Paleo options, and we are very particular about the places we eat and the choices we make. However, it’s the portion sizes that usually get us, and we both eat pretty much whatever is put in front of us out of habit.

Portion control is one of the things you learn when you do a Whole30, and it’s frankly one of the lessons I need to learn and re-learn from time to time. It’s not enough to eat good food; you can’t over-eat it. Due to the eating disorder I suffer from, if I’m not thinking about it, I can slip into over-eating very easily. Restaurants are a prime example.

So, this week, and next, we will be very good and do our best to eat solely at home. With the exception of a gala Sherry and I attended this past Saturday night and a birthday party Saturday afternoon, we ate all homemade food in the right portion sizes. We are both trying to slim down as much as we can prior to our vacation to Ireland and Scotland because we know that we will both be eating and drinking a lot of food that is likely not going to be Paleo or Keto friendly.

2 thoughts on “Eating Prepped Food vs Restaurant Food

  1. Excellent post! Love the visual! I admire both your hard work and planning. Such an important element in weight and health management. We never know what restaurant food holds, even with the calories listed. Well done! 🌟

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