What I Ate: Post-Trip Day Four

IMG_8609My morning weight is up just a few tenths: 178.5 lbs. I’m still very happy with this, as I’m back in the 170’s for two consecutive weigh-ins. Just a few more lbs to go and I’m already back in military regulations for my height.


  • The usual: two eggs sunny-side up and two slices of sugar-free bacon


  • Brisket with Brussels sprouts and sweet potato nuggets. This was a good portion: not too much, and just enough.


So, there’s a little background on this. My son wanted to take Sherry, my daughter (who is in town this week from NYC) and me to dinner, so I agreed as long as we ate at a place that I could eat Paleo food at. He suggested Nik’s Steak and Seafood which is a favorite of ours, so we went there. I ate my usual without the sweet potato fries.

  • Dinner salad with oil and vinegar
  • 4 grilled shrimp
  • 8oz Red Snapper filet
  • Broccolli

That dinner was a big bigger than I prefer, but my weight held steady at 178.2 lbs, so ‘ll take that as a victory. Also, I’ll be running again this afternoon, so I look forward to dropping a little bit of water weight after that, too.

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