Eating More Than Expected

This AT, I’ve been eating more than I thought I would. This is because of the lunches I’ve had for the first four days. Starting today, I am going to have to cool my jets and eat lighter for lunch. Breakfasts have been similar, but likely also a bit more calorie heavy, and dinners have remained the same.

I try to justify the extra calories due to all the extra active hours and active PT I’ve been doing, but the net result is that I’m not losing weight. I’m still at 178.2 lbs which is 2 lbs more than I am allowed, and 12 lbs more than my goal weight.

To be fair, I also know that I am experiencing inflammation of my muscles right now from doing exercises that I don’t normally do as well as doing it more often than I normally do. So there’s that.

Starting today, I am going to stick to what my last AT diet was: Epic Bars, RXBars, and nuts. That contains all the calories and nutrients I really need, and doesn’t overload me. My goal is to lose 12 lbs within the next two months. I’ve not made any progress in the last four days. I need to reverse that.

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