More Diets (CICO, South Beach, Atkins)

I wrote a post a few days ago about my opinions and experiences with diets I’ve tried. I thought some more about it, and those were all diets I succeeded with. Some more, others less, but I feel that those four were pretty good plans to go with. What I realized is that I should have mentioned other diets I’ve tried and did not experience as much success with. While I am about to do that now, I want to stress that there are plenty of people out there who have succeeded with the diets I am going to be discussing below. If you’re one of those people, then great! I have always said on my site that what works for me may not always work for anyone else: that’s why I recommend people find a diet or plan that works for them and then stick to it. It’s the “Stick to it” part that is the most important.

So, without further adieu, here is the list:

Calories In/Calories Out (CICO)

This is the most basic diet in the world. The premise is rooted in solid science: Eat fewer calories than you expend. The problem with this is that not all calories made alike, and the makeup of the food will make CICO easier or harder on you depending on what you eat. For example, 100 calories of apples is a lot different from 100 calories of chocolate in how full you feel and the nutrition you gain from those 5100 calories. Add to the equation that apples are harder to digest, and thus, your net calories are actually below 100 calories total. My experience with CICO was that I was always hungry and I snacked a lot. When I ate food, I was never satisfied, and I got hungrier and hungrier as the days passed until I would break and then eat everything in sight (and then seek out even more). The end result was that I would lose weight initially, but then not only gain it back, but an additional 5 lbs or more. This is, in large part, how I reached 312 lbs.

South Beach Diet

This diet seemed to make some sense when my doctor told me about it nearly 20 years ago, but it was based on the low-fat premise which we now know is completely baseless. On this diet, I lost almost no weight. The food was okay, but nothing spectacular. To be honest, it was mostly pretty bland and Sherry and I both fell off this diet very quickly.

Atkins Diet

This is actually quite similar to Paleo, but with allowances. It’s the allowances that got me into trouble. It gave me a false sense of security, and in a strange way, it made it okay for me to binge here and there on grains when I should have been avoiding them like the plague. Also, Atkins is big on fruit, and while Paleo is perfectly fine with fruit as well, I should have cut back a lot on the fruit and stuck to more meat and vegetables instead. This diet failed for me because it wasn’t rigid or firm enough to keep me from the sugar-filled or grain-filled foods.

I might do this again with some more diets, but these three are diets I tried and didn’t succeed with and thought I’d give my thoughts on these as well.

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