Over 1,000 Posts


This is not the 1,000th post on PaleoMarine.com: that happened a few days ago. But only now am I recognizing the fact that I’ve posted over 1,000 times here.

That’s quite a milestone.

I’ve been a blogger since the 90’s, before MySpace, back when Napster was still a thing. AOL was still being used by most people, and ISP’s were finally starting to connect people to high-speed Internet. I began blogging on a self-hosted server, and after transitioning it a few times, I finally settled on WordPress.com where it’s been since.

This blog started in the fall of 2015 when my wife and I finally decided to do something about our health and weight and did our first Whole30. Afterward, we adopted the Paleo Diet with some stints of doing Keto. Nearly three years later, we have successfully kept the weight off, we are both fit, and I’m even in the National Guard.

1,000 posts of my opinions, experiences, tips, recipes, and mind hacks. That’s a lot of info to digest. I recommend you not try to read it all at once!

So, here’s to another 1,000 posts! I hope to be able to provide value, knowledge, and my experience to help others get healthy, get fit, or to lose weight.

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