Keeping the Motivation Going

Motivation is like the tide; it ebbs and flows. Sometimes, I find it hard to get going on a run, while other times, I look forward to it all day. The same holds true for eating right. There are days when I feel like I can conquer my appetite or any cravings that come my way, and there are other days where I feel like I will succumb any moment. How do I keep riding the Motivation Express?

I do lots of things.

First of all, I try to do lots of things (see what I did there?). Keeping my mind occupied helps me get past cravings and false appetite. As long as I’m doing something, I find that eventually, the craving will pass.

Second, I get out and do some exercise. Even when I don’t feel like exercising and I’m looking for just about any excuse to not run, I run. Exercise has the double effect of being good for me (cardio is good for my heart, and running keeps my run times fast for the National Guard) and when I run, any cravings or appetite I had fades for at least an hour or more.

Third, I tell myself that it’s not an option. I MUST eat well, or I MUST exercise. There’s more at stake than the short-term instant gratification. More often than not, if I do succumb to a craving or false appetite, I end up regretting it almost immediately. I remind myself how bad it feels afterward, and usually, that’s enough to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Motivation wanes every now and then. I liken it to a pendulum that sways back and forth. It’s normal to lose motivation every now and then. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just learn how to get past it, how to push yourself beyond a lack of motivation, and how to keep going toward your goal. Sure, it’s not easy (or everyone would be healthier/lighter/fitter/etc), but with some mind hacks, you can do this.

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