It’s All About the Food

A delicious Bulgogi Sherry made this weekend during food prep for the week.

When people talk to me about embarking on their own health journey, they go to lengths to tell me about their plans for fitness. It’s as if somehow, they aren’t truly sincere unless they add exercise to their plan. When I tell them that it’s not necessary to work themselves to death to lose weight and get healthy, some people actually get sad or even a bit upset with me. “That can’t be true!” “That’s not what my trainer/coach/workout buddy/friends/etc told me!” “But… but… but…”


Here are facts about losing weight and getting fit:

  • If you want to lose weight, change the makeup and amount of the food you are putting into your mouth.
  • If you want to get fit, exercise.

It literally is that simple. As for what diet you want to use to lose weight (coupled with reasonable amounts of food as servings), that’s up to you. My site is called because I am on the Paleo Diet (although I started with a Whole30 and also do some Keto every now and then), so I recommend it based on my own positive experiences and success on this particular diet, but I would be remiss to dismiss other diets that people have achieved success through.

The bottom line is eat right. Eat the right food in the right amounts. What’s the right amount? Eat slowly until you start to feel full. Then stop. It’s harder than it sounds and takes practice, but your body is really good at telling you when you’ve had enough. You just have to listen carefully.

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