Shopping For Training and Keto

I’m going to be away from home for some training for the National Guard, and the first thing I did (literally, right after I checked in and got my barracks room) was go over to the exchange shopette (think like a 7-11 or a convenience store) and buy some Epic bars. They didn’t have any RXBars, but I was fine with the Epic Bars. They are lower carb, and since I’m trying to go Keto while I’m at training, it helps with that.

Which brings me to the next topic: a stint of Keto. I brought some exogenous ketones with me to take orally (as pills) and I will augment my diet with them for the first 3-5 days until I feel myself getting into ketosis. I want to kick start losing the weight I picked up in Ireland and Scotland and haven’t been able to shake. I know, it’s mostly my fault. Drinking alcohol and having too many non-Paleo meals (and even when they are Paleo, I typically eat too much) contributed a lot to my not dropping as many pounds as I wanted to, but going Keto should help with that. While eating Keto, I can have a lot more protein and veggies and if I keep my fat intake moderate, my body will be forced to use the fat from my body as energy and thus, I should be able to drop those pesky 10 lbs in the next 21 days.

Will I be perfect? Likely not. Will I do my best? Absolutely.

I know what I’m capable, I know what my body is capable of, and I know what it takes to get it done. I just need to stick with it, set my mind to it, and then, it’ll be easy.

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