Best Intentions…

Yesterday, after finishing up at class, 9 of us decided to get together and go visit some local towns and museums. We had a great time, and we saw lots of neat things, but when it came time to eat, I suggested something without really thinking it through. Worse, everyone thought it was a great idea. What did I utter that got me into trouble? Sushi.

We went to a local restaurant that had really great prices for their food, but for me, the difficulty was in finding something that I could eat that wasn’t filled with carbs and wasn’t just expensive, small slices of fish. I failed. However, I decided to make the best of it, and I ate what I considered to be the least “bad” food? Ton Katsu. This is a breaded (with panko) pork served with rice. There was also miso soup and some salad, both of which I ate. I ate the pork (which was delicious!) but left the rice.

All in all, I made the best of the situation and got through it without troubling my dinner mates. It really was a nice time, and we had some ridiculously funny conversations.

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