Active Duty Again and Lunches


I’m on Active Duty in the National Guard for a few weeks to help with some logistic needs for our unit. That means I work closer to home, but it also means I’m working with a bigger group of people who like to go to lunch. While I bring my own lunch to work at my normal job, and I’ve been bringing my lunches to my work here, I haven’t had the ability to eat them. That will have to change.

My lunches are made for me by my wife, and they are healthy and the right size. The food she makes me allows me to maintain my good eating habits in terms of portion control as well as content. Eating out for lunch every day makes me lose focus, lose control, and ultimately, makes me gain weight.

I am currently just within the DoD height and weight requirements. I don’t want to exceed them; I worked hard to get where I am at now and I don’t want to have to do that work again. So, starting with today’s lunch, I’m back to eating my good food without exception (unless, of course, the MAJ or MSG want me to go eat lunch with them).

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