Unintentional Break

I have been off the blog for the past week or so due to my active duty status in the National Guard. I’ve been very busy, and that’s caused me to have to take a break from blogging for a bit. I’m back now, however, and I’m going to make sure to write some posts to not miss days again.

In my previous post, I wrote about my current struggle with my weight. I’m still doing well, and I’m still fit, but I’m just a bit heavier than I would like (and than I’m allowed) and I need to fix that. It’s weighing heavily on me, and I have to admit it’s causing me some mental anguish. I have a weight range that I’m happiest in, and I’m outside of it.

Add to this the fact that my trousers are all a bit tighter. Again, it makes me mad because I let this happen. Yes, I’m beating myself up about it, but that’s what I need to do to fix this. And fix this, I will.

I apologize for the lack of new content. That also is fixed now. Expect more daily updates from me again starting today.

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