Mostly unscathed

IMG_5052I escaped the weekend mostly unscathed by a bit of alcohol consumption. My weight was still very good Monday morning (176.1 lbs), but I can’t help but to think of how much better I would have done if it were not for that night of drinking Scotch with a good friend. Although Sherry and I are not officially on a Whole30 right now, the food we are eating this month is all Whole30 compliant with the exception of the occasional meal in a restaurant that is Paleo, or the odd occasion when a good friend from out of town comes in to visit.

With that said, my biggest disappointment with last week and in myself is that I didn’t exercise nearly as much as I planned and or need. I am suffering from a bout of the “I don’t feel like-its,” and I need to get past it. I will be running after work today as long as it’s not raining (and it’s not forecast to be raining today), and hopefully I’ll be back on track this week.

My goal is to be at 174 lbs by Friday. Sherry prepped some amazing foods for us this week, and I look forward to all my lunches being amazing, delicious, and healthy. I have drill with the National Guard this coming weekend, so that means packing my typical drill weekend lunches which are Epic bars, Larabars, RXBars, and That’s It! bars. I’m fortunate that I will be able to eat breakfast and dinners at home, so at least there’s that.

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