Checking all the boxes


Sometimes, you find yourself seemingly doing everything right, yet nothing is happening on the scale. I’ve repeatedly discussed not using the scale as a single source of success or failure when it comes to a diet’s efficacy. However, when one measure of your physical fitness and readiness in the military is your weight, it becomes something one can’t ignore. I am in this situation.

My maximum allowable weight is 176 lbs for my height. For the past few weeks, my weight has been going over this number anywhere from 1-4 lbs. No matter what I was doing, I would get right down to 176 lbs and my weight would rebound and climb again. Regardless of how well I was eating, increasing my exercise, or getting enough sleep, the scale was punishing me. I was seemingly checking all the boxes to success, yet not reaping any of the rewards.

What I did notice is my clothing getting looser. I talked about this in the past as well, how my body seems to either lose weight or lose size, but never at the same time. It’s either one or the other. This past week, my trousers have been getting more comfortable, back to my pre-vacation ease of wear. As of this morning I finally saw movement again on the scale. It was only a pound, but it’s going in the right direction after stalling at 177 lbs for three days in a row (to the tenth!).

I’ve made sure to do everything to the letter. No snacks. No large portions. No going out for lunch or dinner. I’ve been getting enough sleep. I’ve been getting enough exercise (although, as I’m taking my APFT this evening, I didn’t do any exercise since Saturday morning to ensure my legs, arms, and core are ready and rested). Starting after today’s APFT, I’ll be back to increasing my distances and working on speed as well as adding biking to my exercise regimen.

Results will follow solid work. Sometimes, it just takes longer. And that’s okay.

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