Targeted Weight Loss Ads

It’s interesting. On Facebook, I see ads that are clearly targeted to my demographic: “Weight loss in 30 days for men over 40.” Ok, I used to post a lot about my weight loss on Facebook (on my personal account), and yes, I’m a bit over 40, so I decided to follow the link and see what they had to say. Surprise: not much. You have to pay them to get their “Program.”

Here’s the thing: I have a program that works, and it’s especially awesome for anyone over 40 or who can’t do lots of physical activity. It’s called Lifestyle Change, and it requires you to either do Whole30, Paleo, Keto, Atkins, or any other low-carb diet. If you stick to it and watch your portion sizes, then you WILL lose weight. Add some light exercise to it, and you will even feel better while losing the weight.

The weight loss industry is one of the most sketchy industries out there because it feeds on insecurity, failure, and self-image that is often compromised. People are desperate to lose weight, and they will gravitate toward any new diet that promises amazing results like a moth to the light. Sadly, most fall short because they promise things they can’t deliver on: effortless weight loss without changing lifestyle.

The bottom line is this: You must change what you put into your mouth. You MUST cut down sugar, grains, alcohol, and it’s a good idea to limit dairy and legumes/soy. You don’t have to exercise to lose weight. You can lost weight faster by eating right than a person who doesn’t change their eating habits and goes to the gym every day. If you want to double-down on your weight loss, then yes, exercise COUPLED with a good eating program will get you amazing results.

Don’t buy into the trap of easy weight loss. It’s not easy. It’s simple, but never easy.

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