This is one of those days…


After a holiday weekend full of parties coupled with two nights of imbibing alcohol for various reasons, I find myself weighing more than I’d like. Way more. What does that mean to me? It means it’s time to buckle back down and get my weight back to friendly territory.

The good news is, as I’ve said before, I know how to do it. I’ve done it successfully a few times now, and while my weight is up, it’s still nothing near what I weighed three years ago. As a matter of fact, my weight has been in the range of 170-183 lbs for the past two and a half years. I’m within that range right now; I just prefer to be at the bottom of it (and my real goal is actually to be 165 lbs consistently).

My lunch was a normal food-prepped meal I made this past weekend, as will be my lunch tomorrow. This weekend, I had drill with the National Guard which means a few things: eating out for lunch, and some alcohol consumption. I will do my best to limit the alcohol, and I’ll eat sensibly at the restaurants (as I always do), but I still know I won’t make any real progress until after Monday. Then, it’s right back to it, except even stricter than I have been. I really would like to hit 170 lbs by Thanksgiving to give me a little buffer. I don’t like how my pants fit right now and I’m going to change that.

These lows will happen. Our weight will be up, clothes won’t fit as well as we’d like, and sometimes, even when we’re doing all the right things (which I admittedly have not been this past week), progress will halt or even seem to reverse. The tough part used to be sticking with the process and trusting that it will work. At this stage, it’s easy for me. It’s a formula I know works: eat the right food in the right amounts at the right times, and the weight will come off. It’s that simple. Of course, with temptation, cravings, and old habits, these are much easier said than done. However, with time and with continued perseverance, it gets easier.

As for me, I’m fine. I’m a little cranky or salty, as the kids would say, but it’s all my fault, and I know what I need to do to get myself out of this hole. I’ll do the work and get it done.

2 thoughts on “This is one of those days…

  1. I finally gave up most alcohol. I don’t drink pop, but if everyone is drinking alcohol, then I allow myself a coke if I’m craving alcohol, and an unsweetened ice tea if I’m NOT craving alcohol: which is most of the time now. It seems to have been an addictive habit that made me feel bad anyway- not to mention all the weight I’d gain. Goodbye alcohol friend, I don’t miss you anymore.

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