Ran… as planned

Look at that crazy hair! That’s proof I ran fast right there!

I wrote yesterday about not being able to run for a week (which, as it turns out, it has been: 7 whole days). Well, the weather was perfect, and while it was getting dark quickly, I hit the sidewalk “Track” around the lake in front of my house and ran my 3 miles. What I didn’t expect was the pace: I ran it at about the same pace (if not a little faster) than I have been! I also got in 70 push ups, which is about 10 more than usual. Perhaps this little break did me more good than bad.

I won’t be running tonight; I let my legs rest after run days (being older and all), and I also have after-work plans with Sherry to visit our friends for dinner and some Doctor Who watching. Tomorrow, I will be on my feet pretty much all day as we’re going to Wurstfest in New Braunfels followed by a stay at the Emily Morgan in San Antonio. We will be having a fancy dinner to celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday where I’ll wear my Dress Blues uniform and Sherry will wear a nice dress. After that, I look forward to hitting a few bars before turning in for the night.

IF is keeping me happy about my weight. Yesterday, I was down another pound, and this morning, it held steady with last night’s post-run weight. I will be eating strictly according to plan today and will practice IF again tomorrow morning, but I expect some non-Paleo foods to be consumed during the day, and of course, there will be alcohol tomorrow night.

For those Marines out there, I wish you a Happy Birthday!


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