Indoor Running

I didn’t take any photos of me running indoors yesterday, but I kind of wish I had. It’s the first time I’ve run on a treadmill within the past 25 years or so, and it went a lot better than the last time.

Sherry recently bought us a treadmill to use when the weather outside isn’t conducive to comfortable or safe running. I have a rule that I don’t run when the temperature is lower than my age, and this winter has definitely thrown a lot of cold days at us. Then, there are rainy days, and in the summertime, oppressively hot days. It was common or me to use the weather as a cop-out to keep from running. Now, that’s gone. I can get my three runs in a week as long as much schedule permits.

I did a three mile run in Tustin, CA last night. I say I did it in Tustin because with the new treadmill we have, it’s possible to pick a route on a map, and then it displays your route through Google Maps Street View. It’s very cool, and I got to see some scenery in a place I lived for a long time but that I haven’t seen in a long time. It made the run memorable and entertaining, keeping my mind off the running.

I also really liked the fact that the treadmill has shock absorbers, so my knees didn’t ache quite as much as they do when I run outside. I may start running more and more on the treadmill, if only to save my knees. It’s also nice that it forces me to keep a pace, although I was able to raise and lower the pace a bit here and there to help me get through the run at in a time I was happy with.

I actually look forward to running on it. I may even run again tonight for a few miles.

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