Four (Almost Five!) Pounds in Three Days

Just as I expected, I have already lost half of the weight I gained in San Francisco in three days. This is completely normal, and pretty much how it goes every time I drink for more than two days in a row. I gain weight, and three days later, it’s gone. Only this time, the weight I’m still carrying is weight I earned through eating lots of carbs. Oh well; I knew that, too, and I know what’s next: eat right and lose the rest.

That’s the beauty of having been doing this for almost four years: I know how my body reacts and responds to the different types and quantities of food. I know that if I stick to my portions and the types of food that Sherry and I make, that I will lose weight consistently and safely. Add in a smattering of exercise, and I can accelerate the rate of loss a bit.

The biggest jump in weight loss was last night; almost three pounds. Did I have that large of a bowel movement? Hardly. The strange thing to accept when losing weight is how much of that is lost while we sleep through breathing. Yes, you read that right: we literally exhale weight. In my case, a lot of that was water weight from being bloated due to alcohol consumption, but you also release “stuff” in the form of vapor as you sleep. Remember all those posts where I tell you to get enough sleep? There’s a reason for that. Oh, and while I’m talking about sleep, I’m averaging 8+ hours a night right now. That definitely helps with weight loss (and having a load of energy every morning at work).

I jokingly refer to my weight loss as science, but it’s true: I can accurately predict my weight loss based on what I eat and how much of it I eat. I can accurately predict the trends based on my actions, and that is why I get so hard on myself sometimes when I do things contrary to what I know will allow me to lose weight. It’s why I abhor sabotage (what some people call cheat meals). The dangerous side of knowing how easy it is to lose weight is that I sometimes have allowed myself to do things contrary to my best interest because I justify it by saying, “Eh, just a few pounds. That’s easy enough to lose.” Sure it is, but it’s a slippery slope, and the next thing you know, you’ve got to lose 20 lbs.

Now comes the rest of the work: two months should get me back to my comfort zone. I can’t wait to be there again.

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