You didn’t gain it overnight…

I have no idea why I picked this image. It just feels fun.

…and you can’t lose it overnight. I have to keep telling this to myself every time I step on the scale and I don’t see the result I’m hoping for. This morning was a good one; I’m at my lowest weight in months, but I’m also on the precipice of finally slipping into the 170’s, and I WANT IT MEOW!!!

At my lowest weight, I was 160 lbs. I wasn’t able to maintain that for long due to some wild eating on vacations, and it’s never gone back down to that level since 2017. I was in the 170’s for most of 2017 and 2018, but in 2019, I want to be back in the 160’s again. To that end, I’ve been eating right, getting a lot of sleep, and doing everything I can outside of exercise to get there. Why not exercise? I have a hurt knee I’m going to visit a doctor for soon, and I’ve been trying to let it heal, only it’s taking too long, and now I fear there may be more serious issues afoot (see what I did there?).

It is possible to lose weight without exercise. I lost over 130 lbs in a year without a single drop of sweat caused by exercise. I know first-hand that it’s possible, and it can even be pretty quick. 10+ lbs/month average weight loss is nothing to sneeze at. However, the last 20 lbs I lost were done through a lot of hard work with running and push-ups. Now, I’m trying to get back into the 160’s without running. It’s proving difficult, but I am seeing progress, so I’m sticking with it. I sincerely hope that I can get back to running soon. I miss it. I don’t miss it like I miss pasta or pizza, but I miss it nonetheless.

It took years to pack it on; it will take months to take it off. I need to remind myself of this often. Like right meow.

5 thoughts on “You didn’t gain it overnight…

  1. Thank you. I think we all know that intellectually but it’s hard to remember it emotionally. My journey started a year-and-a-half ago but only in earnest 2 weeks ago. In the full year and a half I’ve dropped 50 lb. But six in the last 2 days! thanks to folks like you sharing paleo and keto information online. We appreciate the help very much.

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    1. Thanks, John! I write my blog mostly to help others, but honestly, it’s often also to remind myself of things I need to remember or be reminded of. This journey isn’t an easy one, but it is extremely worthwhile.


    1. Thank you! I used to wonder if I could ever do it. Heck, even after I started my first Whole30, I was incredulous. I’m sure you will get there once you set your mind to it! It’s all a mind game, in my opinion.


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