The Holding Pattern

UH-1E that Sherry and I flew in this past weekend.

I have been absent for a while here because I’ve been in a holding pattern of sorts. My weight has been hovering back and forth within a 3 lbs window, and no matter how hard I try to be good, life has been throwing me little diversions that keeps me from getting lower than 183 lbs for good. It’s aggravating, but here’s the kicker: I’ve allowed it to happen.

My weight is very much under control. I only wish I could get it under 180 lbs and keep it under control there, but the problem for me has been a lack of physical activity. I’ve been dealing with a hurt knee (and the other knee was beginning to give me trouble, as well!) and I haven’t been able to do the exercise I need to get below 180 lbs. I know that I say all the time, “You lose weight in the kitchen; you get fit in the gym.” This is true for 90% of weight loss (which I also have said many times). 90% of my weight loss leads me to 180 lbs. For me to get lower, I need to burn more calories or eat a lot less. The problem is that I have difficulty eating less. I like eating. I eat healthy food made from whole ingredients, but it’s something I enjoy immensely, and while I have greatly limited my portion sizes and obviously the content of my meals, I still like to eat more than a cup of this and a cup of that. It’s partly why I do IF: it allows me slightly larger meals through the day.

When I run, my weight stays on the low side of the 170’s. It’s easy to maintain the weight there, and I can eat and even have the occasional drink or two without great effect. When I’m not running? Ugh.

So, the good news for me is that I am getting back to my running today. It’s been a solid two weeks since I have experienced any pain in my right knee, and I think I can get back to it. The trick will be to go slow and take it easy. I have a tendency to let the old Marine in me out when I run and go all-out. I need to really rein it in and take it easy.

So, here’s to breaking the holding pattern. Here’s to making some solid progress again. But here’s also to having been able to weather the holding pattern and to see it for the success that it is/was: I didn’t gain weight, I didn’t abandon hope, and I never gave up.

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